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Oh wow

Stress level: 5 to 9 most days…few days it goes to a normal 1 or 2

Sleep: between sleep good to really rough sleep

Why this one word: Wedding

Yes I am getting married

Parents are help with money… Which why I don’t want spend a lot of money on a one day event.

It just seems between what my husband to be want to do, what we want… the reality that my parents are suggest

And for the past 3 month been feeling like I have to get everything organized, put together, decided and all… in no less than 6 month… ( reality we wanting to married in July)…. We ( Mom and me) found out that a bridal show thing is in January so I hope a lot of stuff can be push in the deciding until than.

Warning: Doing a wedding is stress full and all that…there no fairy tale or easiness… I think I know why bride look relief and all the day of their wedding now..

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